We offer a wide range of services which involve all aspects of intervention pertaining to the problems of sexual assault against women.

Services are available either in person or by phone, OTN or Skype video conferencing, depending on need and location.

Services available are:

Counselling and Peer Support
Individual counselling and peer support services are offered by our staff to women 16 years and older, in order to help them respond to their individual situations.  These services can be obtained on a one to one basis and/or through group sessions.

Upon request, staff or volunteers may accompany a client to places where other services are provided. These services may include hospital, police station, court services, medical and psychiatric clinics, abortion counselling services, AIDS clinics, immigration and housing programmes or other social services.

Practical Assistance
The Centre can provide assistance to women in crisis according to their individual need. Assistance may be provided in a variety of practical ways, which include clothing, transportation, child care during appointments, food, household items, medicine, school supplies and others.

Information and Referral
The Centre maintains up-to-date resource materials and information in French on several topics and on community support services.  These resources are available to women to do research, for personal reading or even to help other women in need.   Free Internet access for women is available to those who cannot obtain this service elsewhere. The Centre also assists victims by coordinating referrals to other services.

Services are provided to assist women with medical, legal, and social services. Advocacy may include helping with correspondence, filling out forms, making calls on behalf of victims, and referring clients to various services or programmes.